In this essay I will be explaining how Junior is presented as an outsider. In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is about a young Native American and how he has to choose whether to remain in his community or go school in a different town, which is racist towards his people. At […]

The first moment, in which Junior is presented as an outsider, is when he appears at Reardan with a black eye. This makes him a bigger outsider than he already is because as he is a Native American the white people wouldn’t be used to seeing them at there school. In addition to this he […]

For version one I would talk about how he is adressed by different names everywhere he goes. I would also add how he travels far away to get to his school. Another point would be that when he first arrived the white people couldn’t believe their eyes. Version two I would write about how his […]

The absolute true diary of a part time Indian  is a book about a kid, named Junior, and how he is neglected throughout his community. Junior is born to a poor family with a physical defect. Junior is born with an alcoholic father and didn’t have many luxuries compared to the white people. During this […]

In my essay i will be exploring the book (The arrival). The arrival is a book without words that sends its message through pictures. The theme of the book is immigration and adapting to certain circumstances in life. Shaun Tan has written about immigration several times. As an Australian himself  he knows how many refugees […]

John poetry a from Joel North on Vimeo.

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 Dear Mr Dastagir, I am writing to stress that favouritism is a very important issue at our school. Favourtism is when a certain pupil is treated better than another because of a their academic level or behaviour. This could affect our learning as we might not be taught as much as ohers. The effect of […]

The atmosphere is sad.Throughout the whole city it is sad,glum and dull,Haroun and the sea of stories shows us this when,”It stood so mournfull sea full of Glumfish.”This shows that even animals are sad by calling a fish glum,glumfish.But Haroun and his family are not like the others,they are all happy. Soraya,Haroun’s mother,was singing in […]

Salmon Rushdie prepares us by describing the charecters and letting us know what there personalities.